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Ciência sem Fronteiras

Brazilian students: participate in the Science without Borders programme in Sweden!

What is Ciência sem Fronteiras (Science without Borders)?

Ciência sem Fronteiras (CSF) is a scholarship programme for Brazilian students primarily funded by the Brazilian federal government. It seeks to strengthen and expand the initiatives of science and technology, innovation and competitiveness through international mobility of Brazilian undergraduate and graduate students and researchers. The programme is only open to Brazilian citizens and is a joint effort of the Brazilian Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science and Technology through their respective funding agencies, CAPES and CNPq.

CSF scholarships are offered for study periods of up to 12 months. After applying for and being granted a CSF scholarship, students can apply to special CSF course packages provided by Swedish universities.

Read more about the programme at the Ciência sem Fronteiras website.

How to apply

The first step is to apply for the scholarship. This process is completed in Brazil. Follow the application instructions available on the Ciência sem Fronteiras website.

Students who have been granted a scholarship should then apply for courses in Sweden. If you have received a Science without Borders scholarship, University Admissions in Sweden will contact you by email with details on how to apply.

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